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Enhance Your Pilates and Yoga Performance With hipSwan's Top Rated Gripper Socks

  • Hygiene and safety are guaranteed.
  • Your performance will greatly benefit from these gripper socks.
  • Recommended by over a dozen yoga instructors.

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You enhance your performance in almost any activity and forget about any safety concerns you have.

Maintain Your Balance with "Flow"

  • Your safety is our main concern. You won't have slippage accidents in these socks. 🤕
  • Do your feet get sweaty? These thick socks absorb sweat completely .♨️
  • 100% silicone gel grips which add extra stability. 🤸‍♀️

The Ultimate Non-Slip Design

  • Tired of your socks slipping down? Our socks are designed to prevent that completely. ✅
  • Advanced features engineered for maximum comfort and performance. ✅
  • Made with luxurious organiccombed cotton and stitched with a high-gauge needle count ✅

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Efficiency and Comfort

  • Never feel uncomfortable again. 🥺
  • If your gym is cold at winter, these socks will make sure your feet are warm. 🥶
  • Soft and Long Lasting whilst allowing you to be efficient and comfortable at all times. 🪶

Final Thoughts - Why Do You Need Gripper Socks?

  • Enhance your performance
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum safety and security
  • Extremely comfortable
  • + much more!

Testimonials From Pilates Instructors

Tilly H.

"Love them, they’re so comfy and feel very fitted and the grips are great. They’re a lot thicker than the ones I’m used to, they’d be amazing in winter too."

Vanessa R.

"I use gripper socks all the time to teach reformer classes. I noticed that hipSwan's grippers are much thicker than the others and it feels very comfortable. It is a very soft and good quality fabric and I like the feature at the back that envelops the ankle."


"Such a game changer for my mat work. So comfortable - the compression band hugs the arches. Absolutely love them for everyday use and working out on my mat."

Marina C.

"Fabulous socks, lovely and thick and hard-wearing as I’m in them all day teaching - wash well and stay put around the arch of the foot brilliantly - very grippy! Best I’ve worn and will be buying them again"

90+ more positive reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Flow" gripper socks are made from organically grown high-quality fibers. We have visited our manufacturing partners and screened them for safe employee working conditions and adherence to good governance practices.

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60-Day Return Policy

hipSwan places a high priority on delivering outstanding customer service, and this extends to those rare occasions when customers need to return their socks. You needn't worry about our reluctance to facilitate returns.

You can find more detailed information regarding returns by clicking here.