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Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I get started?

To sign-up simply fill out the form.

How much do you pay in commissions?

hipSWan pays a base 15% of the sale amount from each customer referred to our site from your link or discount code.

Do coupon codes work with affiliates?

Yes, you can share our affiliate coupon codes and get commission when your referrals use them.

How will I know when my friends have made a purchase?

You'll receive an email from us whenever someone has used your coupon code.

How will I get paid?

Once you have a rewards balance, we'll send you a link to create an account and specify your PayPal address.

Where should I share my code?

Your unique code is meant to be shared with your personal friends and contacts. We ask you not to post your discount code on any public site, forum, or coupon site. 

What happens if my referral returns the product?

In the event that your referral gets a refund for the order, or if the order was canceled for any reason or was fraudulent, your commission amount for that particular transaction will be removed.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

No, it's a free program.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email us ( with any questions or concerns.