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The Best Pilates Sock Design

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The Best Pilates Sock Design

Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance, and body awareness. Pilates requires little to no equipment but you must have the best Pilates socks. It will protect you from harmful bacteria like MRSA, which doctors say has been detected in gyms. Foregoing socks during the workout could result in a nasty slip and fall or serious injury. Just as you would invest in a durable yoga mat or supportive activewear, you should also invest in high-performance grip socks.

Wearing socks while doing Pilates is extremely important as it’s safer and easier. Keeping your balance can be difficult while trying out harder movements such as the Boomerang pose in Pilates. The gripper socks can help give your toes the extra movement to prevent any falls. It also prevents any twisting at your ankle, preventing injury. Investing in quality non-slip socks can help you feel extra grounded and secure at your next flow.


Alternative Gripper Sock Designs

Toeless Non-Slip Grip Socks
- allow your toes to have complete sensory contact with the floor, stimulating your foot-brain connection
- CONS: the stitching between the big toe and next toe is uncomfortable/awkward for people with big/average shoe sizes.

Lace-Up Pilates/Yoga Socks
- toeless socks with grippy bottoms and a fashionable lace-up design
- CONS: The straps don't stay up and you have to wrap them every time.

Pilates Toe socks
- are socks that have been knitted so that each toe is individually encased the same way as fingers within a glove. (also known as finger socks, glove socks, 5-toe socks, or digital socks)
- CONS: When you’re wearing shoes, your toes can’t move around very much, negating their benefit. It can also be bulky and tricky to put on and take off.

What to look for in choosing the right Pilates socks

  • 100% silicone gel grips on the bottom to add stability to each step
  • Made from organic combed cotton to absorb sweat and protect against bacteria.
  • comfortable cushioned soles and seamless toes to help prevent irritation while you are working out.
  • Arch bands that provide extra arch support and comfort.
  • Silicone heel grips to help keep the socks from sliding off.


Where to find the best Pilates socks?

hipSwan’s flow gripper socks are Perfect for yoga, barre, or Pilates! These grippy socks are stable, supportive, and super comfortable, made from luxurious organic combed cotton (GOTS certified) and stitched with a high-gauge needle count with compressive arch support.

Reviews from Pilates Instructors

"Fabulous socks, lovely and thick and hard-wearing as I’m in them all day teaching - wash well and stay put around the arch of the foot brilliantly - very grippy! Best I’ve worn and will be buying them again"
- Marina C.

"I wear gripper socks for all of my Pilates and barre classes. These hipSwan socks are really great, very comfortable & I love how soft they feel on the soles of feet."
- Catriona J.

"Love them, they’re so comfy and feel very fitted and the grips are great. They’re a lot thicker than the ones I’m used to, they’d be amazing in winter too."
- Tilly H.

"I use gripper socks all the time to teach reformer classes. I noticed that hipSwan's grippers are much thicker than the others and it feels very comfortable. It is a very soft and good quality fabric and I like the feature at the back that envelops the ankle."
- Vanessa R.


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