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Learn why Pilates teachers choose hipSwan's Flow gripper socks

  • 1 min read

Learn why Pilates teachers choose hipSwan's Flow gripper socks

Hi! My name’s Tilly and I’m a Pilates teacher based in the UK and I’m here to tell you about these absolutely amazing Pilates socks by hipSwan. 

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Video transcript:

I discovered these a couple of months ago and I’m absolutely obsessed - let me show you the four colourways. They’re just lovely, neutral tones, super simple.

So I’m going to open these socks up and show you a bit more about why I love them.

First of all this lovely sustainable, minimal packaging here, easily recyclable.

And these socks are just so different to other Pilates socks I’ve come across.

First of all there’s this band, compression band, which goes under the arch of your foot. And it just creates this incredible stability as you’re moving, especially with standing Pilates moves. If you’re coming up onto tiptoes you really feel that stability there.

Also, they have grip all away along the bottom. These are the grippers socks - Pilates socks - and there’s grip all the way along just for extra stability.

Seamless toes, so super comfortable, which I absolutely love and they’re just really thick and good quality made from natural yarns.

So if you’re in those super cold studios in the winter, these are the socks for you.

And then this thing inside which I just want to show which is absolutely fantastic and I have never come across is a gripper inside the heel of the sock which just makes it extra extra slip free and the stability is just fantastic.

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