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The Best Golf Socks: What to Look For

  • 3 min read

The Best Golf Socks: What to Look For


Every golfer knows that comfort is essential and the wrong equipment could have a significant impact on your game. It’s easy to overlook the tiny yet crucial accessories like golf socks when you need so many things. 

Golf socks are one of those things that people use frequently but often forget about. We're here to show you what to look for in finding the best golf socks so you can feel comfortable playing in them before you venture out for a day on the course.

What socks should I wear for golf?

There are socks designed specifically for golfers, walkers, and hikers. What sets them apart is that they're designed to withstand long days of climbing and descending grassy hills with sweaty feet in shoes that aren't as waterproof as they used to be. When playing golf, especially when walking, it is important to protect your feet and shoes with comfortable and durable socks. Bonus points if they’re fashionable as well :)


Golfers generally wear short athletic or ankle-length socks and crew-neck shorts, or long socks and slacks, depending on the weather. Athletic-length socks have an "invisible" length that either comes just above the collar of the shoe or sits very low on the foot, giving the impression that no socks are worn at all. These would be the "micro" length in the infographic below.


Ideally, athletic socks should have very small seams, smooth seams, or no seams at all.

They should be supportive and stay in place. Also, they should fit snugly against your skin. These measures work together to insulate your feet through your socks and protect your feet from blisters as you walk up to 5-6 miles each round of golf.


When shopping for golf socks, look for special fabrics that wick away moisture while cushioning your feet in key areas. For athletes and those who are very active, merino wool socks are one of the best choices. This type of yarn has the ability to trap and wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry.

Are merino wool socks good for golf?

Merino wool is considered one of the best materials for socks and is also one of the most expensive. Wool is the perfect material for socks because it's made of soft fibers that don't itch, breathe, and don't smell. Merino wool, in particular, is known to stay warm even when wet and is often used for running, winter hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. We have a separate blog post about merino wool, should you wish to read more about it.

Here are some of the benefits of Merino Wool Golf Socks:

Soft: These socks are very soft and do not cause itching issues.

Lightweight: They are made of fine natural fibers. Therefore they are lighter.

Snug fit: Because it is made of natural wool, it fits your feet and does not easily slip off.

Eliminates Odour: Best of all, it keeps your feet from smelling.

Sustainable: Merino wool is obtained from merino sheep and can be weaned twice a year, making it eco-friendly


Will wearing golf socks improve your game compared to wearing regular socks?

There are many different kinds of golf socks, some of which are designed expressly for the course, but in general, you simply need something that is comfortable enough to walk around in for six hours.

Each golf sock has its own characteristics. Many include some form of foot conditioning. Temperature is important for ease of movement and comfort. Overheating on a hot summer day can make it difficult to spend much time on the links. On the other hand, if you plan to tackle your swing set on a brisk fall morning, thin socks won't keep your feet warm. The average sock usually doesn't handle these situations or at least doesn't handle them well enough.

The best ones will work like running socks, drawing sweat from your foot and offering crucial cushioning where it is most needed. 

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